Climate Action

Woodham Walter – Fighting Climate Change Together

Woodham Walter Parish Council have adopted a Climate Action Statement and a Biodiversity Policy. In brief, these two documents confirm amongst other things our commitment to:

  • increasing the information and advice available to Parish residents on how best to protect our environment with a view to playing our part in achieving national net zero targets; and
  • sharing advice and ideas for conservation and enhancement of biodiversity within Woodham Walter with residents across the spectrum of ages.

The sheer amount of information and advice available on this subject is so mind-boggling that it is a real challenge to know what to prioritise in order to make changes that will best help the individual according to their own personal circumstances (perhaps in terms of reducing energy costs, for example) as well as helping our planet generally and reducing the impact of the climate change that we see all around us.

Notes from Climate Action meeting hosted by Woodham Walter Parish Council on 25th January 2023

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