Conservation Areas

Parts of the village of Woodham Walter fall within a conservation area. Please see the following conservation area map, or download it from here.

Properties within the Area and Article 4 Direction are subject to a Local Authority approval for anything related to the frontal appearance of their property,  including roofs and for tree and hedge work whether of maintenance or a more substantial nature. If in doubt you should contact the Maldon District Council Conservation Officer.

Conservation Area Map
Image of Conservation Area Map

Details about the area can be read in the Woodham Walter Conservation Area Character Statement.

Conservation area character statement
Image of Conservation Area Document
Chelmer and Blackwater Conservation area
Chelmer and Blackwater Conservation area

Woodham Walter also falls within the The Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation Conservation Area. This forms a central element of the lower Chelmfer Valley which is described as a major landscape feature. Details about the area can be ready in the Landscape Charater Assessment document.

For more information, visit the Maldon District Council website.