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The process to get to the final Woodham Walter Village Design Statement (VDS) took several years, included rounds of consultation and was carried out by committed volunteers.

Village Design Statement
Image of VDS poster

The following shows what the residents of the village did to produce this document.

September 2017

The adopted VDS.

Village Design Statement
Image of VDS document
Image of VDS poster

June 2017

Image of VDS Poster

September 2016

View the Woodham Walter Conservation Area Proposal and Character Statement 

The Proposed Woodham Walter Conservation Area poster.

The Village Design Statement that was displayed at the Annual Parish Meeting makes reference to a proposed conservation area that is focussed on the central area of the Village.

Maldon District Council has prepared an appraisal of the modified proposals on which it is seeking public consultation. This has been advertised in the Parish Magazine and copies of the document are available for perusal in the Church.

This is very important for the Village. All residents are urged to consider the proposal and comment on it direct to the District Council. If you are unable to visit the Church, the document and response form is available on line at:

The Consultation runs from 11th August to 6th October 2016 


 May 2016

The VDS was approved by the Parish Council at their meeting on 9th May 2016 and has been submitted to Maldon District Council for approval and ultimate adoption.

April 2016

The VDS for public consultation is available to view here.    The VDS public consultation is now closed. 

The Village Design Statement document was exhibited in full at the Village Hall at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 18th April.

The VDS reflects the views of over 75% of households that responded to the VDS quesionnaire in Spring 2014 and is primarily concerned with the visual character of the village and how it can be protected or enhanced.

If you are planning to carry out any work to your house or any other building, whether Planning Permission is required or not the VDS will be available to help you via the Parish Council website.

Residents Guidance and  Planning Requirements are clearly set out and cover a broad range of topics including new buildings, extensions, window replacement, adding dormers, garages, wall colour, boundary treatment and gates, solar panels and satellite dishes and many more.

March 2015

The VDS on-line public consultation has now finished.  Thank you to everyone who commented. 

The full draft VDS document is now being prepared for exhibiting in the village hall, for further resident comment, from 11am onwards on Monday 30th March 2015.

This event is followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 8pm.

February 2015

The VDS on-line public consultation is now closed.  You can still view the draft document here. 

September 2014

Questionnaire Analysis.

The full questionnaire analysis is available here.

August 2014

Questionnaire responses.

The questionnaire response rate was in excess of 75%.

A graphical analysis of the responses to every question was displayed at Bell Meadow Day.

July 2014

Questionnaire analysis completed.

June 2014

Questionnaire collection completed.

May 2014 

The questionnaire was distributed and members of the parish were given the opportunity to have their say on a number of issues that are important to the future of the Village.  The quesionnaire responses are now closed.

The Community Questionnaire was prepared by the Village Design Statement Working Group for distribution to each one of the 261 households in the Parish during May 2014. The Questionnaires were distributed by hand by a member of the Working Group or a Parish Councillor.


Woodham Walter Village Design Statement is a Community Led Planning Initiative launched at Bell Meadow Day August 2013. Preparation of the Design Statement is managed by a Working Group of local residents which reports to the Parish Council. It has five members:

  • David Beattie (Chairman)
  • Keith Amato
  • James Nolan
  • Ken Rennie
  • John Tompkins

Working Group point of contact on the Parish Council:

  • James Bunn


The Village Design Statement will be a document that will:

  • be a record of Woodham Walter and its country setting as seen through the eyes of those living in the village in 2014.
  • express the views of the community on how changes could be incorporated in the village
  • guide property owners and occupiers on the care of the village
  • assist developers in adopting designs which are acceptables to the local community
  • assist the Parish Council and Maldon District Council in the determination of planning applications
  • not prevent, but assist, in the management of change in the village
  • help protect visually important buildings and open spaces
  • consider environmental enhancements
  • guide people undertaking new building work on design, including setting and material
  • help to protect and manage the historic environment of the village and its surrounding landscape


National Planning Policy Guidance links with Village Design Statements.

Key points in the Guidance:

  • Presumption in favour of sustainable development.
  • Striving for excellence
  • Planning as a collective exercise.

Development should:

  • Take account of Community opinion.
  • Respond to local character.
  • Reflect local needs and circumstances.
  • Be refused on grounds of poor design.


Maldon District Council links with Village Design Statements.

The Council has no statutory or formal responsibilities to assist in the production of Village Design Statements. However, it will provide a basic assessment and review of work produced by the Working Group, including compliance with Local and National Planning Policy. The Village Design Statement will ultimately be endorsed by the Council as a supporting document to the Maldon District Local Development Plan.

The Working Group point of contact with the Council is John Tompkins.


Image of VDS Map

Woodham Walter Village Boundaries map.


Further information on Village Design Statements is available from: