Woodham Walter Parish Council Meetings

Please see below for agenda to our next meetings. Our meetings are usually on the 2nd Monday of the month in Woodham Walter Women’s Club, Top Road.

The agenda for the meeting will appear on the website and village notice board during the preceding week.

The public are always welcome to attend our Parish Council Meetings and there is a session at the meeting when parishioners can discuss items on the agenda or other village matters. More information

  • Agenda – Ordinary Parish Council Meeting with AGM – Monday 8th July 2024
  • Please note: We do not usually meet during August unless there are planning applications or other urgent business to attend to. If required to meet the date and agenda will be advertised on the noticeboard and website
  • Agenda – Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – Monday 9th September 2024. The agenda will appear during the week preceding the meeting.

Monday 8th January 2024
Monday 12th February 2024
Tuesday 27th February 2024 (Extra)
Monday 11th March 2024
Monday 8th April 2024
Tuesday 16th April 2024 (Annual Parish Meeting)
Monday 13th May 2024
Monday 10th June 2024
Monday 8th July 2024

11th December 2023
13th November 2023
9th October 2023
27th September 2023 (Extra)
11th September 2023
No Meeting in August
17th July 2023
27th June 2023 (Extra)
12th June 2023
15th May 2023
17th April 2023
13th March 2023
13th February 2023
9th January 2023

12th December 2022
14th November 2022
3rd October 2022
12th September 2022 (Cancelled)
No August Meeting
11th July 2022
13th June 2022
9th May 2022
11th April 2022
14th March 2022
14th February 2022
10th January 2022
5th January 2022 (Extra)

13th December 2021
8th November 2021
11th October 2021
13th September 2021
August (No Meeting)
13th July 2021
8th June 2021
4th May 2021
12th Apri 2021
8th March 2021
8th February 2021
11th January 2021

14th December 2020
9th November 2020
12th October 2020
14th September 2020
5th August 2020 (Planning)
3rd August 2020 (Extra Public re: Planning)
13th July 2020
8th June 2020
11th May 2020
14th April 2020 (Delegated)
20th March 2020 (Extra)
9th March 2020
10th February 2020
13th January 2020